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LADIES:  Ruth Clark, Nellie Foust, Mildred Gable, Addie Lee Gorham, Era Hatley, Evelyn Malone, Katherine Moon, Clare Nunnelly, Agnes Plunkett. Virgie Snford, Ethel Shoemaker, Mea Belle Wiggins.

GENTLEMEN:  T.Z. britt ,Oye Bucks, Glenn Burrough, S.L. Daniel, Lester Garrett, Gwin Hammock, Harold Howard, Jimmy Hyatt, John Lovelady, Mack Sadlin, Ralph Stewart, Alton Wiggins.


  • President was Franklin D.Roosevelt
  • World War II:  Italy invades Albania
  • The New York World's Fair opens
  • "Gone With the Wind" premiers in Atlanta,Georgia
  • First jet aircraft flight
  • cost of a loaf of bread was 8 cents
  • cost of a gallon of gas was 10 cents
  • the average wage per year was $1,730.00
  • Regular television broadcasts began in the United States
  • The movie "The Wizard of Oz" came out