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LADIES:  HazelHead, Lucille Hendrix, Louise Murphree, Racheal Seibenhener, Vera Smith, Lorene Washburn, Velma White.

GENTLEMEN:  Worley Alexander, Glenn Burrough, Arnold Horsley, Clyde Smith, Dalton Sizemore, W.O.Thomas.


  • Franklin D. Roosevelt was President
  • Casablanca came out in theaters
  • Booker T. Washington becomes the first African American to be depicted on a United States postage stamp.
  • The Population was 132,122,000
  • The Cold War began
  • Gasoline cost 18 cents/gal
  • New car cost $800
  • Milk cost 34 cents/gal
  • Minimum Wage was 30 cents per hour