We are the Cullman County Family Initiative

This year at Holly Pond High School, we will begin Families Initiative. These will provide school connectedness while helping a good cause. We will be focused on positive relationships through genuine school connectedness.  

There are six families: Character, Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Resilience, and Respect.  All adults and students in our school system will be part of a family. We will have family shirts that will have the same information on them but they will be the color that represents our Family. Our school has been divided up by homerooms. Each homeroom represents a different family. We will be participating in some friendly competitions throughout the school year between the Families and it will be tracked district-wide by Family.  

Each of our 6 Families will also be adopting a different service organization from Cullman County that they will serve throughout this school year.  

Character- Brooke's Place

Integrity- Hope Horses

Loyalty- Golden Families

Honor- Good Samaritan Clinic

Resilience- Animal Shelter

Respect- Cullman Caring for Kids

For more information, click the link below to hear more from Dr. Shane Barnette about our Families. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PkUQOv5oM2Hk2zuUyIEHi0EXcnypmmp5/view?usp=sharing